LG launches ‘X Cam’ Smartphone in India

LG Electronics India Limited (LGEIL) announced the launch of its latest smartphone, =&0=& in India. The X Cam is designed to deliver exceptional value to those who want a smartphone with a unique feature such as a =&1=&, that too at an affordable price. Like the LG G5, the X cam inherits a similar =&2=& to complement the standard lens. The 13MP standard angle lens and the 5MP wide angle camera on the rear of the X cam delivers as wide a field of view as the human eye, basically it captures =&3=& area than the traditional cameras on the smartphones. The X cam offers =&4=& which combines the two images taken with the standard and wide angle lenses to create a =&5=& effect. Available only on the X cam & Panorama View automatically scrolls a wide image instead of a static image and the =&6=& allows users to add a caption or byline after taking a photo. =&7=& =&8=& said, “With X Cam, we are giving consumers a Dual camera smartphone at a reasonable price point. We are sure that the Indian consumers will like the very rare in smartphones, =&9=& feature, something that has been inherited from our premium smartphone LG G5. This ‘wide angle’ photography would be a unique experience in this segment and consumers shall surely embrace this new experience, which otherwise is possible only with nature gifted eyes” LG X Screen will be priced in India at =&10=& and will be available from today across stores in India. =&7=& =&12=&

Display: 5.2-inch FHD In-cell

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