Plan that took nearly 2 Years to Execute

If the Title sounds talking about the plan to do a Software Project etc then You are wrong.Its a plan made about the Trip to Dharmasthala by me and Shiv Kumar around 2 Years ago..

Infact i used to give a frequent reminders to My friends Shiv about the plan to visit the place but by some means it got postponed frequently.Suddenly shiv called me on 28th October 2008 @ around 10.30 i guess planning saying that we would leave for the place by next day morning @ 5.30 PM which was quite a shocker for me but agreed thou to go.

On 29th October, I got up by around 4 AM and was spending around an hour sitting infront of My Computer and Upgrading My Blog. By around 5.10 AM i called up shiv asking him of the plan for the day.He also brought with him his friend Amogh.

We started off our Journey travelling towards tumkur road and started off with lots of Fun.The two guys were ready to receive Dialogues from My Side and getting bugged up.

Plan that took nearly 2 Years to Execute

Plan that took nearly 2 Years to Execute

We later stopped @ a place Before Hassan to have Our Break Fast, then started our journey back.We also

We Reached the Destination by around 1.30 PM .Rather than going to the temple firt, we were in search of the Darshana @ the temple and ended up having pradham first.From there we tried to go the temple but Found that the temple was closed @ 2 and will reopen only by 6 PM . Oops the expressions of all the three ppl changed .We then though of hanging out there by taking a walk and having some time to chill.Infact Shiv wanted to watch a Kannada Movie Madesha( Shocking ) but the theatre was quite far from there.We three then planned to go to the place where we could relax a bit and ended up travelling towards a Lake .

After Relaxing for few minutes with Some Photo Sessions @ that place we left the place to visit the temple.

The temple was Full of rush as a result we had to wait a long time standing in the Queue.In the mean time , there was Full of Fun Dialogues that was revovling around Us and infact Both Shiv and Amogh tried to Pull My Legs with their approach of identifying a Kid to Beat Me ( So Cheap…….).

The God’s Darshan was Over and We Left the place by around 8 PM by having a light Chats.

On the Way , we stopped @ the Hotel to have Dinner

Then We had to leave for Bangalore assuming Mr Shiv would take us Home back safely.I Had a Good time sleeping while Shiv had a good time Driving the Car for the Whole Night…..

I should infact Thank Shiv for not just Dropping mr home safely but also in getting a Good Friend and the Fun we three people had for the whole day.

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