Open Hack 2009 – a Yahoo! Hack Day in India

Hack Days are events hosted by Yahoo in which participants are encouraged to create Applications in 24 hours ideally using one or more of Yahoo’s APIs or open source libraries.

Wiki : The first public Hack Day took place between September 29-30th of 2006 at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale, California and was followed by a performance by Beck.

The format of the Hack Day shares characteristics with several other types of event, including unconferences, MashPit, Foocamp and BarCamp.

This time it was held in Bangalore @ Taj Residency on Feb 14th and 15th . The Keynote was presented by David Filo ( Co-Founder of Yahoo ).

It was a great Event that had a huge success.The Quality of the Hacks were also awesome.

The Room was packed and early morning we had some Sessions on Yahoo API’s and infact i missed out on few of those becoz of some personal work but made sure i was there for the Hac rest of the Day.There were very clear innovations that was presentsd by few Teams.

Well i teamed up with Vikas and Hari Krishnan and built a simple Alert Application involving Yahoo User Interface and .NET .

All the participants or in other terms Hacking Gurus were Given the T-shirts, Stickers etc and were seen Hacking for the whole Night.

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2 thoughts on “Open Hack 2009 – a Yahoo! Hack Day in India

  1. Open Hack 2009 – a Yahoo! Hack Day in India.. It looks incomplete. was expecting more details on how it went on, who all attended. curious to know what innovative things did other team do.what did u learn.. how is it helpful for you or others
    can u give us more details

  2. Hey great post …did not have any idea of Yahoo Hack day…hey would really like to see the application u made in .NET.

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