Application Compatibility Series on Windows 7

Windows 7 has been made public and many users are moving towards adopting the same.

From the application standpoint, Windows 7 is very similar to Windows Vista.

This means that, we will need to work towards solving the compatibility issues which would arise. In this series of posts we will look at some common challenges around application compatibility when coming from a legacy operating system, why changes were made, compatibility technologies inside the OS and methods for getting incompatible applications to run on Windows 7. Also we will look at some tips and tricks to fix applications.

These five parts cover some basic methods to mitigate the issues from the viewpoint of Developers, IT Pros and End-users.

You can follow the Msigeek blog or refer TechNet for more in-depth information on Application Compatibility.

vijay Vijay is a Microsoft MVP and a Springboard Series Technical Expert Panel member for Windows 7. He writes a technology blog called

In his blog, Vijay writes on Application development techniques, Deployment guidelines, Windows Installer (MSI) Packaging tips and Windows 7 Tricks and How-tos.

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