Start Page Improvements in Visual Studio 2010

The Visual Studio 2010 is rewritten using WPF .

As an Editor , there is an improved focus on writing and understanding , navigating and publishing code .

As an Platform , developers can create addons to extend the behaviour of the IDE.

The Start page of the Visual Studio 2010 is rewritten using XAML and now its much easy to customize than the earlier version of the Visual Studio.

Here are some of them in the Start page,

Recent Projects

Unlike the other visual studio versions , here we could perform a bunch of operations on the Recent items.

1. Open Project

– Opens the project in Visual Studio 2010.

2. Open Containing Folder

– Opens the folder that contains the project and project files.

3. Remove From List

– Removes the project from the Recent Projects list.

There is also an option to pin/unpin the project in the Recent Project list.

When the project is pinned ,the project stays in the list even when many new projects are created .

The content area also contains various links / resources to Get Started with the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 Development .

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