Mono Touch Books for .NET Developers and iPhone Development is out

Mono Touch is a  .NET Libary which allows the C# developers to write code in .NET and that runs on IPhone OS .The iPhone Development now offers the hot opportunity for .NET developers too.

MonoTouch offers the .NET developers to create Apple iPhone and iPad applications.

Seems like one doesn’t need to learn the Objective-C , the native language for iPhone to master Mono Touch .:-)

I am really happy to see the book on Mono Touch being published. This book is meant for .NET / C# Developers interested in developing the Applications for the iPhone using Mono Touch on the Mac.


The Book is from Wrox and enables the C# developers to be more successful developers of iPhone applications.

The Book is Written by a team of community experts that includes .

    Wallace B. McClure DunnChris Hardy

    Martin Bowling

There is also an ebook “Building iPhone and iPod Touch applications for the C#/.NET developer using MonoTouch” .

This book explains the basics of MonoTouch development and iPhone Development.

I am wondering if it is the same book as above , but states that the author is Wallace B. McClure.

Anyways ,These are interesting books for .NET / C# Developers to jumpstart the iPhone Development . Hope something releases quicker for the Windows Phone 7 too .

You can learn more about the Monotouch here

Update :

Another Book on Mono Touch is also out there .The Book is titled “Developing C# Apps for iPhone and iPad using MonoTouch: iPhone OS Apps and Games Development for .NET Developers”
and is written by Bryan Costanich

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