Error when processing Crystal Report “Operation illegal on linked parameter”

I was recently caught up with this Error “Operation illegal on linked parameter” when working with the Crystal Reports and solution seems to be pretty simple too .

When you run a Crystal Report which inturn contains the SubReports , the Crystal Report issues the following error:

Operation illegal on linked parameter

The Error Message is preceded by the ReportName that is processed.

The error Message occurs when a parameter field in a subreport is used to link the subreport to the main report called as “linked parameter” .

When a linked parameter is present , its value is filled automatically at run-time from the parent report’s value.

When the Values are explicitly passed by the program / Application, the Error Message Appears ..

To solve the issue , do not specify the values for the linked parameter as these values are not meant to be set directly ….

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One thought on “Error when processing Crystal Report “Operation illegal on linked parameter”

  1. having the same issue but tried pretty much everything but not help. setting or not setting the linked parameter value failed anyways. been through quite a few post on the internet, some say setting the values works for them. some say don’t set the value. but none of these are not working for me. freaking crystal report… :(

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