Local Database Support for Windows Phone 7

I Was Searching for some Local Database support for Windows Phone 7 in Google and Ended up with the list here .

1. db4o – Windows Phone database

db4o is an object based database that can be used in the silverlight applications / Windows Phone Application .It
offers you a lightweight persistence engine that stays close to your .NET objects and is a 100% .NET native code .

The db4o site also states that

“Using db4o in your Windows Phone apps is FREE!”

db4o can be used for free in any application that’s deployed on a Windows Phone device and available on the Windows Marketplace and this does not include the db4o instances running on the server side

Website : http://developer.db4o.com/Platforms/dotNET/WindowsPhone.aspx

2. siaqodb

siaqodb is object database engine that currently runs on .NET 3.5+, Mono 2.4+ , Silverlight 3 and 4 and Windows Phone 7. It was also one of the first provider that announced the support for WP7.

Here are some nice posts on how to use Siaqodb.

Website : http://siaqodb.com/

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  1. Don’t forget Sterling. You can grab Sterling here:


    While in alpha, we’re moving forward quickly. The advantage of Sterling is that it is incredibly lightweight (only 70KB DLL) and doesn’t require changes to your data to use it (i.e. no inheriting from a base class, etc, you simply configure the database and tell it what classes and keys you want to serialize).

    It also has support for indexes.

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