Microsoft is late to the game ??? Stop the Joke and see the Reality

Ever since the announcement of the Windows Phone 7 was made, I have been noticing that in some of the articles or views of the people telling that Microsoft is too late to the game .

How do people talk about it even before the phone is made available to the market ?? . How many phones get released every month and do people talk about all the smart phones that get released or just because it is Microsoft … i really dont know why :(

I see that the number of phone sales get increased day by day … and dont see any reason why the new Windows Phone 7 cannot succeed in the ever growing dynamic mobile market .
May be that the Windows Phone 7 lacks some nice features like copy and paste and multitasking … But wait a minute , the phone is newly launched and wait for some updates , you can see that there are already plans for the updates .

Check the following links for the information.

I feel that Microsoft has made the right decision on their new Windows Phone 7 Model and are now going to be big in the smart phone game . :))

The Windows Phone 7 looks promising and we need to just wait for just another few weeks to see how well it does with so many Applications in the Market place etc..

“Even if it comes late , it will come latest” .. Indians would know this popular dialogue from the superstar very well 😀 .

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