Project Demo that made me go Crazy

Recently , one of my friend shared me an video of an URL that has Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu giving a Demo of one of his Hobby Projects Buddy Home .

I have heard of this name some where , but couldn’t really recognize until i got another URL where he is interviewed in SUN TV . Well this brought me some memories . I watched this guy’s interview very long time back .

Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu is a Developer Evangalist working in Microsoft , Bangalore .

So whats special with the Hobby project . Its the idea of how he brought in Augumented Reality , Speech Recognition and how he brought all this together in to an idea and implemented them in his house .

Here’s the video

buddyHome – My Hobby Project

Great Work Ram!!! .Great inspiration for every Tech guys .

Well , Watching these kind of Demo’s , Video’s and presentation really makes me ask an question to me on “What am i doing just sitting in front of the computer and just coding someone’s idea ??” .

Shouldn’t i or rather every software developer should have some kind of idea’s that they make it great as well as reality too .. ?

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