What happens when your favourite Super Hero becomes a .NET Programmer ?

Who is your favourite Super Hero ?? .

Who ever it is .. Have you ever imagined them to be a .NET Programmer and what they can do ?

It can really be funny when you think that way . The inspiration of this post was basically from some of the Jokes on a Tamil Super Star – Rajnikanth but relates more towards programming on .NET for all super heroes. SO here’ we go

Your Favourite super hero

  • Can force garbage collector in your PC to clean your Office Room.
  • Doesn’t follow any coding standards . All coding standards follow him.
  • Can run .NET exe on any platform like Mac , Linux, Unix , Windows ,Mobile etc and not the least Railway platforms too .
  • Can solve the bug just by staring it . The Bug should lose or he might use the Spray(HIT) to kill the Bug.
  • Can override a sealed function / variable.
  • Can make a class abstract and sealed both at same time.
  • Doesn’t get any compiler errors, the IDE will abide by him.
  • Can make a variable of type float to float in the water .
  • Can access all the private data of the class.
  • Creates Array of infinite size because he doesn’t have any boundaries
  • Can code without computers
  • Can return a value from a void functions.
  • Can use the Binary Search Algorithm and get it to work even on the unsorted Data .
  • Can delete the Recycle bin
  • Never uses “try” on the code, he will directly “catch” the exceptions.
  • Can divide by zero.
  • Can create a integer variable and assign infinity as value .
  • Can use the Blue screen Error in Windows when the computer’s brightness is higher and can revert it back immediately with touch.
  • Can type in without pressing escape key . Infact his keyboard doesn’t contain one . No one can escape from him .
  • Can write code that optimizes itself.
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