Imagine Cup 2011 and Windows Phone 7 Competition

Imagine Cup is one of the World’s premier Student competition related to Microsoft Technologies challenging the students to build projects that can change or transform the world .

The Competition was created few years back by Microsoft and every year the students are asking to compete for different categories based on the Theme .

The theme for this year is “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems.” . Well this was the same theme that was couple of years back when i was a student and participated in one of the competition too .

The various competitions include
  • Software Design
  • Embedded Development
  • Game Design
  • Digital Media
  • Interoperability Challenge
  • Windows 7 touch Challenge
  • Orchard Challenge
  • Windows Phone 7 .

Did i mention Windows Phone 7 ? yes there is a category for Windows Phone 7 too .

The Round 1 results is already announced in the Imagine Cup site for the Windows Phone 7 .

Know more about Round 1 Here .
The Round 1 required the Team to create a WP7 Application targetting Silverlight or XNA Game Studio using Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone / XNA Game Studio 4.0 / Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone .

The Round 2 will require the Team to present the WP7 Application in the form of a Video and explain their project.

Know more about the Rules here
Many student Teams have already geared up for the 2nd round of the Windows Phone 7 and I am eagerly following up the event to see what kind of Apps they come up with .
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