String vs string in c#

How do you create a string variable in c# ?

String ? string ?

Confused with the above text . Well its just that we use either the keyword string or we use String .

Is both String and string same in C# ?

string is just an alias name for the class System.String which means both has the same functionalities .The IL code generated for both of them is also same .

Note that string is a keyword , but String isn’t which lets you create an indentifier with the name String like

String String ="Senthil kumar" ;
C# String Theory—string versus String has some interesting information about Strings and best practises on strings
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  1. It’s called CTS (common type specification)

    int, bool, string … is just reserved keywords, they are simply aliases for the predefined structure type in System namespace (Int32, Boolean, String, etc)

  2. If you are new to C#, you are probably wondering what the difference is between the string and String types. In the .NET framework, string is simply an alias—shorthand—for the Common Type System (CTS) System.String class which represents a sequence of characters. (string is one of two predefined C# reference types: The other is object.) You can use them interchangeably in your code.

    String x = string.Copy (“x”);
    string y = String.Copy (“y”);
    C# Best Practices —
    Use “String” to refer specifically to the String class.
    Use “string” when referring to an object of the String class.

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