Windows Phone 7 attracts more young developers

Earlier , it was Elliot Forde and now its Johnny’s turn to let people know how easy it is to develop for windows phone 7 platform .

Johnny Simmons started the Windows Phone 7 development some 9 months ago by watching some online videos .

He is 13 years old andhe has managed to publish some Apps that include

  • System Info
  • DrawPad
  • NightClock
  • NBA Schedule
  • Random Numbers and Dice
  • 7 Tab Browser
  • Chasing Howie
  • and more …

In the video below , Microsoft ISV Architect Evangelist , Bruce Kyle talks with Johnny about his experiences developing for windows phone 7 and how he makes money through AdCenter

It is really interesting to see how the new Windows Phone 7 attracts young developers like Elliot and Johnny Simmons .

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  1. This shouldn’t be allowed since I am 17 and when I was 16 I tried posting a few applications of my own on my developer account.. I used dreamspark to get the account. Although all my applications were denied because I couldn’t prove I was over 18… I”M 16??!!!! I know I’m not 18.

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