Windows Phone OS 7.1 (Mango) – C# Samples

If you look at the MSDN library , you might now find the pre release documentation for the Windows Phone 7.1 ( Mango )

Microsoft has also published 20 + interesting samples which targets the Windows Phone 7.1 ( Mango ) as part of pre release documentation .

Here are the list of samples which you can find for Windows Phone 7.1 in MSDN

  • BasicCamera Sample
  • Camera Grayscale Sample
  • Search Extensibility Sample
  • Local Database Sample
  • Silverlight/XNA Framework Sample
  • My Little Teapot Sample
  • Ringtones Sample
  • Background Audio Player Sample
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Over Sockets Sample
  • Shake Gesture Library Sample
  • Tile Sample
  • Shell Tile Schedule Sample
  • Tile Notification Sample
  • Toast Notification Sample
  • Raw Notification Sample
  • Reminder Sample
  • Background Transfer Service Sample
  • Execution Model Sample
  • Raw Sensor Data Sample
  • Simple Motion Sample
  • Augmented Reality Motion Sample
  • Background Agent Sample

Visit the MSDN Library to download the samples

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