Delphi everywhere – Mac, iOS , Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone …

Just found an interesting comment from David Intersimone in one of his Blog post “Want more….Food” in Sip from the Firehose ( David I’s (David Intersimone) Embarcadero blog about programming, languages, databases, history, and more. ) .

“We are putting Delphi (and C++Builder) everywhere this year and over the next 5 years. Today you can use Delphi for Desktop, Client/Server, Multi-Tier, Cloud, Web, Web Services (REST and SOAP). This year you will also be able to build for Macintosh and iOS. Linux is also on the roadmap for the coming years along with Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.”

It is definitely a welcome news for the Delphi Developers and for other developers who still think Delphi is Dying ( which is indeed not :) ) …

Nice to hear this …

Delphi is still considered to be one of the good development tool for Native Development and this will really be interesting to see how it is adapted to the Mobile platforms…

It hope that this becomes reality soon …

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9 thoughts on “Delphi everywhere – Mac, iOS , Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone …

  1. Well, this is nice that old good Delphi still have plan to extends, but

    1) there are not silver bullets in nature, that written once and works everywhere;
    2) there is no need to use silver bullet everywhere – for general development you can use html and js that already works everywhere, but for really system oriented development you need to use system oriented tools – dont think Delphi is a kind of it;
    3) sometimes it is better to plan something more reachable;

    • Another post with poor English?

      I agree there are no silver bullets, and Embarcadero is going to have a difficult time with the “write-once” approach. Java tried, and has limited success. I attribute this to the JEE containers and their proprietary functionality and setup, rather than a fault of the Java language or the JVM. Java *does* run on almost any platform. It may not run the same, or with certain restrictions, but it does run.

      While there may not be a need for a silver bullet, there is an absolute need for cross OS applications. If I could run the same application on Windows/DOS/Linux/Unix/Solaris/Mac that would be amazing. There are some applications that have been so refined over the years that they are almost required in order to “get the work done”. These types of applications are the ones that will take advantage of this. There is really no need to be able to run the same application on every possible OS or device. However, if Delphi could be used to create iOS and Android applications from the same source, that would be very useful. I think the divider here should be desktop/server applications and mobile applications. While HTML can be used to create some mobile applications, it is still limited when compared to native functionality.

  2. While Delphi remains closed source, it will be irrelevant.

    I was a senior Delphi dev, with 10+ years of exp. Now, I’m in Java ecosystem for the last 5+ years, I will not come back to Delphi anytime soon. Sorry.

    • No reason to be “sorry” here. I have been programming for 25+ years. It’s irrelevant how long any of us have as it relates to this article. I used Pascal (before Delphi) as well as the many versions of Delphi. I have been working with Java since 1999. If you are happy working with Java – great!

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