Webinar – Azure for Developers by Robin Shahan

LIDNUG ( Linked .Net Users Group ) is organising a webinar on August 26 , 2011 at 10 AM on the topic “Azure for Developers” .

LIDNUG is an official INETA Linked.NET Group meant for professionals using or interested in the Microsoft .NET technologies .

The webinar “Azure for Developers” will be presented by Robin Shahan who will show different bits of Windows Azure and explain how to code them .

Its a 90 mins – 120 mins session that covers Windows Azure from Developers perspective .

Here is what will be covered in this talk:

  • SQL Azure – migrate a database from the local SQLServer to a SQLAzure instance.
  • Create a Web Role with a WCF service. Add code to handle the transfer of diagnostics to Table Storage and Blob Storage — tracing, IIS logs, performance counters, Windows event logs, and infrastructure logs.
  • Add methods to the service that read and write to/from the SQL Azure database. This includes exponential retry code for SQL Azure connection management.
  • Change a client app to consume the service, show how to add a service reference and then call it.
  • Show how to change the connection strings and publish the service to the cloud.
  • Change the client to run against the service in the cloud and show it work. Show the diagnostics using the tools from Cerebrata.
  • Add a method to the service to submit an entry to queue. Add code to initialize the queue as needed.
  • Add a worker role. Add code to handle the diagnostics. Add code to initialize the queue as needed.
  • Add code to the worker role to retrieve the entries from the queue and process them. The method that processes the queue entries writes the messages to blob storage.
  • Update the service reference in the client and run it; show the results in blob storage.

Know more about the event and register here

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