Webinar – What’s New in Windows Phone 7.1 (“Mango”) by Jeff Prosise

LIDNUG ( Linked .NET Users Group ) is organising a webinar on August 30 , 2011 at 10.00 AM (PT) on the topic “What’s New in Windows Phone 7.1 (“Mango”) ” .

LIDNUG is the official INETA Linked.NET Group meant to be for professionals using or interested in the Microsoft .NET technologies .
The group is for developers, architects, designers (Silverlight), managers, consultants, Visual Studio software engineers, QA and Program Managers and anyone else who is interested.

This webinar will be presented by Jeff Prosise .

“Get an intimate look at Mango and what it will mean for phone developers as we take a tour through the new features and services, and learn what you need to do today to prepare for the phone OS of tomorrow.”

Windows Phone Mango is the next big update from Microsoft which every Windows Phone users as well as Developers are expecting for .

The Windows Phone Mango includes loads of new features like

  • Fast App Switching
  • Multitasking or Background agents
  • Local Database Support
  • Better Searching for Apps
  • and many more ..

Know more about the event and register here



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