Google APIs Client Library for .NET Beta is now available for Download

Google has released its Google API’s Client Library for .NET Beta SDK which is now which is now available for download from

Google APIs Client Library for .NET is a generic .NET runtime client for Google Services . The library supports OAuth1.0a and OAuth2.0 authentication, and is able to generate strongly typed client libraries for Discovery-based services. This client library can be used with all these APIs:

  • APIs Discovery Service
  • Books API
  • Buzz API
  • CustomSearch API
  • Diacritize API
  • Enterprise Audit API
  • Google Analytics API
  • Google Latitude API
  • Google Site Verification API
  • Moderator API
  • Page Speed Online API
  • Prediction API
  • Search API for Shopping
  • TaskQueue API
  • Tasks API
  • Translate API
  • URL Shortener API

The release also includes a service specific libraries for Google API’s .

Here’s a sample to shorten a URL using the service . We need to include the reference to Google APIs Client Library for .NET and Google.Apis.Urlshortener.v1.dll to get this to work in Visual Studio


var service = new UrlshortenerService();
string urlToShorten = "";
Url response = service.Url.Insert(new Url { LongUrl = urlToShorten }).Fetch();
MessageBox.Show("Shortened URL :" + response.Id.ToString());


Know more about Google Client Library here

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