Tiles in Windows Phone Mango – Part 2 : Tile Properties

In one of my previous post , i gave an overview of the Tiles in Windows Phone .

In this Blog Post , i will explain the different properties of the Application and the Secondary Tiles in Windows Phone.

If you are thinking that there might be differences in the properties of the Application Tiles and Secondary Tiles . You are wrong :)

The Application Tile and the Secondary tile has the Same Properties . But the properties name for the front and back side of the Tile varies .

The Front side of the includes the properties

1. Title

2. Background Image

3. Count

The Title indicates the title of the Application . Make sure that the title fits to the single line and doesn’t go beyond the Tile :)

The BackGround Image is the image used for the Front side of the Tile .

The Count is an integer value ranging from 1 – 99 . This might be useful when you want to show any notification like the number of messages etc :)

When the Count is not set , this will be hidden from the Tile .

The Backside of the Tile can be modified with the following properties

1. BackTitle

2. BackBackgroundImage

3. BackContent

Dont expect the BackTitle to be on the top of the Title :) . The BackTitle will be displayed at the bottom of the Backside Tile .

The BackContent is a string displayed in the backside of the Tile and can fit approximately 40 characters .

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