How to bind Data to ListBox in Windows Phone ?

The below code demonstrates a really simple way of binding data to the Standard ListBox in Windows Phone 7 using C# .

Assuming , you have the Class Movie as described below

public class Movie
   public string Actor { get; set; }
   public string Name { get; set; }


Create a List of Movie with the Data .

public class MovieList : List<Movie>
   public MovieList()
     Add(new Movie { Name = "Kaavalan", Actor = "Vijay", });
     Add(new Movie { Name = "Velayutham", Actor = "Vijay",  });
     Add(new Movie { Name = "7th Sense", Actor = "Surya",  });
     Add(new Movie { Name = "Billa 2", Actor = "Ajith Kumar",  });
     Add(new Movie { Name = "Nanban", Actor = "Vijay",  });


Now create the ListBox in the XAML page and add the ItemTemplate to the ListBox in Windows Phone along with a textbox to display the Name as described below

<ListBox Height="596" Name="listBox1" Width="380" >
<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
<TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=Name}"></TextBlock>

Now , assign the MovieList to the Listbox’s ItemSource Property

public MainPage()

private void FillListBox()
   listBox1.ItemsSource = new MovieList();

Run the Windows Phone Application by pressing F5 to launch the Windows Phone Emulator .


Download the Sample Code from

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