Coding4Fun Toolkit v1.5.0 released

A new version of Coding4Fun Toolkit with the version number v1.5.0 is released and is available for download from codeplex website .

What is Coding4Fun Toolkit ?

Coding4Fun is one of the free and popular projects that offers additional controls for Windows Phone Development .

Some of these controls include

  • About Prompt
  • Color Picker
  • Color Sider
  • Input Prompt
  • Message Prompt
  • Password Prompt
  • Round Button
  • and more …

The Current version of Coding4Fun Toolkit targets Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango) and includes 2 new controls

  • MetroFlow control
  • Custom Dialog Title for TimeSpanPicker
Coding4Fun Toolkit v1.5.0 released
Coding4Fun Toolkit v1.5.0 released

There are also few bug fixes that includes

  • identity tag no longer required, this was caused by a change in behavior with Mango
  • Updated to Nov Silverlight Toolkit
  • SuperSlider now defaults to proper height without having to manually putting one in
  • update to movement monitor to prevent bubbling
  • Fix for fast app switching in TimeSpanPicker
  • TimeSpanPicker now mimics code base from SL Toolkit
  • Fix for prompt positioning when SystemTray has an Opacity is less than 1 but greater than 0
  • Fix for ColorSlider when given a 360 value would give a hue of black instead of red
  • Fix for SuperSlider wasn’t layout being set toggling from Collapse to Visible

Download the latest version of Coding4Fun Toolkit from codeplex site

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