Microsoft Design case study: iPad to Windows 8 Metro style app

Microsoft in its Windows Developer Center has posted a design case study documentation that compares iPad App development with Windows 8 Metro style app development.

The Design case study documentation is more of a design comparision of iPad and Windows 8 Metro style app showing hoe iPas based photo journal app works and compared with the Windows 8 tablet.

The case study also explains that

“In this case study we want to help designers and developers who are familiar with iOS to reimagine their apps using Metro style design principles. We show you how to translate common user interface and experience patterns found in iPad apps to Windows 8 Metro style apps. We draw on our experience building the same app for the iPad and for Windows 8. We use common design and development scenarios to show how to leverage the Windows 8 platform and incorporate Metro style design principles,”

The case study also focusses on

  • layout and navigation
  • commands and actions
  • orientation and views
  • Notifications
  • Touch Gestures
  • Contracts

Read the complete Microsoft Design case study: iPad to Windows 8 Metro style appĀ  here

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