HardlyWork – Check your Facebook Updates in Microsoft Excel Format

Are you a Hard(ly) working employee and most of the time you are on Facebook during work ? :) . If yes , then this is for you .

Have you ever thought how to check the Facebook updates in your office without getting caught by your project manager or colleague ? . HardlyWork.in will help you do that easily .

HardlyWork.in is a website that displays your all your and your friends Facebook status updates and photos in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format .

So whats special with this then ? When you are viewing the Facebook status in Microsoft Excel format or Spreadsheet format , your colleague will assume that you filling some excel sheet related to work :p and avoids you to switch browsers when the colleague or manager is nearby …

Below is a screenshot of HardlyWork.in

HardlyWork - Check your Facebook Updates in Microsoft Excel Format

You will see a Microsoft Excel 2007 look on the website … But you can change or cycle the theme to Word 2003 or different theme too :)

Visit HardlyWork.in and give a try . Let us know if that was helpful…

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