How to block Ads in Internet Explorer 9 ?

If you are one of those users who wants to block Ads in Internet Explorer 9 , you can do it easily with the Tracking Protection feature .

“Tracking Protection helps you stay in control of your privacy as you browse the web.”

You can enable the Tracking Protection Lists in Internet Explorer by following the below steps

1. Navigate to Settings -> Manage Add-ons

How to block Ads in Internet Explorer 9 ?

How to block Ads in Internet Explorer 9 ?

2. Click “Get a Tracking Protection List Online” Link . Now you should see a list of Tracking Protection Lists (TPL) that you can add to Internet Explorer .Add the one that is necessary .

Some of the Tracking Protection Lists currently available includes

  • Abine’s Kids and Teens Tracking Protection List
  • Abine’s Standard Tracking Protection List
  • EasyList Standard Tracking Protection List
  • EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List
  • Enhanced Privacy Tracking Protection List
  • Fanboy – Adblock Tracking Protection List
  • Fanboy – Tracking Protection List
  • Indonesian EasyList
  • Privacy Online
  • PrivacyChoice TPL – all companies
  • PrivacyChoice Tracking Protection List
  • Stop Google Tracking TPL
  • TRUSTe Tracking Protection List
  • and more…
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