Overcoming Burnout for Programmers …

Just came across this interesting and good article on Burnout by Scott Boms .

I have already read this some time back and might be a bit old article too but the content mentioned in it is definitely worth  reading specially for Programmers .

Scott explains the term “Burnout” and explains Freudenberger’s research on it and differentiates Burnout and depression.

Scott also explains how Burnout happens and how to recover or prevent burnout .

There are few points in the article which i feel is definitely accepted.

  • A compulsion to prove oneself
  • Neglecting one’s own needs
  • and the list goes on …

There was another reason that came to my attention …”Working Harder” . Not sure if that can cause Burnout until you enjoy doing it :) Hope Working Smarter can prevent Burnout :)

Read the article on Burnout by Scott Boms here

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