Useful online training sites on Software Development

Online training or video tutorials are a great and easy way to learn .

Some times , i feel watching a video tutorial makes things more easier than reading a book .

I was a subscriber to and tried a trial version of Pluralsight and both looks simply awesome .

Pluralsight has some good collection of video tutorials and interesting thing is that the development and release of new video is done frequently .

There are other good online training sites . Below are the list of Useful online training sites on Software Development

Are there any websites that are missed out ? Feel free to include them in the comment section . I will update the list accordingly

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2 Responses

  1. Personally I also think TekPub ( is a good one as well. Not as speedy on the updates as Pluralsight for example, but then again, TekPub is not such a big company. I haven’t checked in a while, but about a year ago they had some great videos on for instance ASP.NET MVC and NHibernate.

  2. APPDEV.COM was one of the big name few years back. It still has very good tutorials. You can access the demo classes and they are of good quality.

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