Windows 8 Release Preview license or Serial key

Windows 8 Release Preview was released few days back which is available for download now.

The Windows 8 Release Preview is prerelease software. I am in the process of downloading or upgrading my installation of Windows 8 consumer preview to Windows 8 Release Preview. :)

When you install Windows 8 Release Preview, you will be prompted to enter Windows 8 Release Preview license or serial key.

You should enter the Windows 8 license key to proceed.

If are searching for Windows 8 Release Preview license key, below is one which is shared by Microsoft.


Note that the serial key provided above is published by Microsoft for the Windows 8 Release Preview version which can be found in the FAQ section of Windows 8 page.

The above Windows 8 license key will work only for Windows 8 Release Preview. Also note that we do not publish license keys for Software piracy.

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