Exploring Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview with Screenshots

Couple of days back, I downloaded the copy of Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview and installed it on my Windows 8 Release Preview Laptop.

The entire download process as well as installation was very easy and simple.

I download the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview to get hands on experience on the new Microsoft Office with Metro Style.

The Microsoft Office 2013 has got loads of new features like UI improvements that makes this version of UI more user friendly and clean. I will cover the features of Microsoft Office 2013 in the coming blog posts.

Microsoft Word 2013 Consumer Preview

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Consumer Preview


Microsoft Excel 2013 Consumer Preview

Microsoft Access 2013 Consumer Preview

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Consumer Preview

Microsoft Lync 2013 Preview

Microsoft One Note 2013 Consumer Preview

Now, I see only Metro UI surrounding me that includes Windows Phone, Windows 8 , Visual Studio 2012 RC , Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview J

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