Player Framework v1.0 for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

The Player Framework for Windows 8 v1.0 is released and is now available for download from codeplex. The version 1.0 of Player Framework is a stable release after the 7 previews of the Player Framework.

What is Player Framework?

Player Framework is an open source component that is part of the Microsoft Media Platform and provides a video player framework for Windows 8, Windows Phone and HTML5 etc.

Some of the features supported in the Player Framework 1.0 includes the Adaptive streaming and advanced playback heuristics, DVR style playback, advertising standards support of VAST, MAST, and VPAID and more…

The v1.0 of Player Framework also includes the new Entertainment app theme and the FreeWheel SmartXML supporting standard event call back type.

Download Player Framework v1.0 for Windows 8 and Windows Phone from Codeplex

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