LINQ Insight 2.0 now supports RavenDB

Recently , Devart released the LINQ Insight 2.0 with the support for RavenDB and other new features .

What is LINQ Insight ?

LINQ Insight is a Visual Studio add-in which allows the execution of the LINQ queries at design time .

Some of the features of LINQ Insight 2.0 includes

  • support for RavenDB
  • List<T> and array parameters support
  • Better integration with Visual Studio debugger
  • Improved connection string editor
  • and more…

Download LINQ Insight free Express Edition

LINQ Insight is available in 2 different editions

  • Express Edition
  • Standard Edition

Express edition is a freeware LINW debug visualizer and displays SQL and parameters for LINQ to NHibernate , LINQ to SQL , LINQ to Entities , LinqConnect.

LINQ Insight Standard provides all the functionalities of Linq Insight free Express Edition and also additional few more functionalities.

Know more about LINQ Insight and download it from LINQ Insight product website

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