How to Add Comments to Worksheet Cells in Microsoft Excel 2013?

This article will explain how to add comments to Worksheet cells in Microsoft Excel 2013 easily.

There are times when you want to add some comments on a particular cell for the others to view and review. You can also use the comments features in excel as a notes which can remind you of something for about the cell.

You can do that easily by following the below steps.

How to Add Comments to Worksheet Cells in Microsoft Excel 2013?

1. Launch Microsoft Excel 2013 and open the excel worksheet where you want to add the comments to.

2. Click the cell to which you want to add the comment to.

3. Navigate to the Review Tab in the “Office Ribbon” and click “New Comment” button.

4. This will bring in a new text box with the username which is set in the Excel Options Dialog. To bring this textbox, you can alternatively use the shortcut key “Alt+RC”. Start typing the text in the comment textbox. Once done finishing, click on the worksheet (outside the textbox).

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