How to rank data in Microsoft Excel 2007?

This article will explain how to rank data in Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheet. RANK

Its function which is used to rank the information in excel sheet. Eg. Student score in schools, colleges etc. It works only with numeric, alphabets cannot be ranked. How to rank data in Microsoft Excel 2007? Take a look here,

  1. Launch “Microsoft Excel 2007”.
  2. In “Microsoft Excel 2007” Navigate to Menu bar and click “new excel worksheet” and select “blank document”.
  3. I have taken the example of few with a sample collection data in my excel sheet which is shown as below,

    How to rank data in Microsoft Excel 2007?

  4. Now to rank the movies according to its collection , we can make use of “RANK” function which works efficiently as follows,
    1. Click on the cell where you want Rankings to be displayed.
    2. Type “=RANK” – which arguments as
      1. Number to be compared with
      2. All the cell numbers which will be compared with “a”

    iii. Eg. “=RANK (H6, $H$6:$H$13)” in the above case.

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How to rank data in Microsoft Excel 2007?


  1. Now the which was ‘compared with’ will be shown, to see all the ranks you can just drag the cell.

    How to rank data in Microsoft Excel 2007?

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