First steps with Angular 2: 8 cool features by @josdirksen

I’ve been doing some work the last couple of weeks with Angular2. I really like it. Not just because it uses typescript, but also because it feels really natural and straightforward while working with it. No more string based dependency injection, or strange digest cycle stuff, it just seems to work. This last week I’ve migrated our beta-13 Angular app to the latest rc-1, and used that to keep track of the fun and easy stuff Angular 2 provides. Note though, that the application we’re developing is really that complex, so I can only assume we’ll run into more complex Angular2 features in the near future. For now, though, let me share some general tips and tricks we’ve encountered thus far (in no particular order). Oh, all examples are in typescript, since after using that, I really don’t want to go back to plain old javascript (POJS?).

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