NativeScript 2.3 Launch Webinar

It’s 2016, and building a performant mobile app that runs cross-platform still seems really hard. Isn’t that utterly ridiculous? Building mobile apps should be as easy as building a website.

Today, it is . NativeScript 2.3 provides you with an all-inclusive toolkit to build mobile applications with the Angular you know and love, all combined with the best possible developer experience. It’s as simple as building a web app, but with all the performance you would expect from native. Sound too good to be true? Let us prove it.

Come watch Raymond Camden, TJ VanToll and Burke Holland show you how to build the performant, and powerful mobile app you’ve always wanted to build. Plus we’ll be joined by the crazy exciting startup MeWatt who just released an amazing IoT application with NativeScript . It’s seriously good.

Know more about NativeScript 2.3 Launch Webinar and register at

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