Seiko Epson, a global leader in digital imaging and printing solutions says it has achieved cumulative global sales of 20 million units of its 3LCD projectors.

Epson launched its first 3LCD projectors in 1989. Today, presentations projected on-screen in a large format are taken for granted, but this practice did not exist until the mid-1990s, when Epson released the ELP-3000, a compact, lightweight, portable, and bright projector. This pioneering product carved out an entirely new market for projectors and made big-screen presentations an integral part of business. Applications for projectors have now expanded, for example, for business presentations in offices, for home theatres, for education, and for professional uses such as concerts and other events. By continuing to develop 3LCD projectors that fulfil the demands of these markets, Epson has been able to maintain its position as the world’s No.1* supplier of projectors for 15 successive years and to achieve this milestone in cumulative global sales.

Epson’s strength derives from a vertically integrated business model, wherein the company plans, designs, manufactures, and sells products that are based on core technologies and core devices that it has developed and manufactured itself. Epson independently develops and volume-produces powerful, competitive core devices such as high-temperature polysilicon TFT panels that are the core component of projectors. A deep familiarity with every aspect of these components gives Epson a competitive edge. It allows the company to plan and design strong, differentiated finished products that it can produce on its own by drawing on its manufacturing expertise.

Junichi Watanabe, chief operating officer, Visual Products Operations Division says, “I am very proud of achieving this landmark total. Our success to date – and going forward – is based on our ability to stay ahead of the curve and deliver products and services whose value exceeds the expectations of our customers, and which make positive changes to the way people communicate. As mentioned in our Epson 25 Corporate Vision, our vision is to refine original microdisplay and projection technologies, and create outstanding visual experiences and a natural visual communications environment for every aspect of business and lifestyles. Using our unique technologies, we will create value that cannot be replicated by other formats, and will offer new visual experiences in a wide variety of scenarios and locations, including making inroads into using projection as a lighting tool.”

*Source: Surveys by Futuresource Consulting Ltd., 2001 – 2015 (unit volume of projectors of 500 lumens and above)

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