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Anonymous Types in C#

This was introduced in C# 3.0. Anonymous types are on the fly classes or unnamed classes. For example i define a class with the following :

Microsoft’s List of Opensource Projects

Found this nice link on the Microsoft's opensource projects . There are plenty of project lists that are mentioned here like 3DTools,ADODB,ajaxdoc,Apache POI and Open XML File Formats,ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit,Azure Ruby SDK for .NET Services,Bing …

StyleCop 4.4 Beta is Ready.

Microsoft StyleCop is a source analysis tool to check the code against the coding styles .Thus it focuses on Documentation , Layout, Maintainability, Naming conventions , Readability , Spacing etc. The news on StyleCop going opensource …

Theming in Windows Phone 7

A theme is a visual appearance for the controls in the Operating System .Changing the themes in the Mobile , affects the appearance of the applications that has Theming in it .

Why should i Blog ?

Recently , i was asked by one of my friend on why do i blog ? or rather why should one Blog.This forced me to think myself and write down the important points on …