CodeLobster PHP Edition – An IDE for PHP Developers

Few days back , i got the opportunity to try the codeLobster PHP Edition , an simple and good IDE for the PHP Developers .

I am not a PHP Programmer by profession but did try few small projects some time back during which i used lot of free Softwares or IDE’s like Eclipse etc .

Here comes another free IDE that includes standard PHP / HTML , CSS , JavaSCript highlighting and supports Intellisense too .

The IDE is developed by Codelobster Software and is supported on the Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 .

There are 2 versions of CodeLobster PHP Edition

  • Free
  • Professional Version

The Free version includes

  • HTML editor
  • HTML code inspector
  • CSS editor
  • JavaScript editor
  • PHP editor
  • PHP debugger
  • and more…

The Professional Version includes the above features along with the special plugins to work with like

  • CakePHP plug-in
  • CodeIgniter plug-in
  • Drupal plug-in
  • Facebook plug-in
  • JQuery plug-in
  • Joomla plug-in
  • Smarty plug-in
  • Symfony plug-in
  • WordPress plug-in
  • Yii plug-in
  • SQL manager

First and formost think that i noticed when using the CodeLobster PHP Edition is the simple and faster UI which definitely sounds good for a programmer 🙂

Some of the features of the Free Portable PHP IDE includes

  • PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code highlighting
  • HTML/CSS/avaScript/php autocomplete and Intellisense
  • and more…

Know the complete list of features of CodeLobster PHP Edition Version 3.9.4 here

You can download the free version of CodeLobster PHP Edition Version 3.9.4 here


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