Connect Neurons to use Open source for Learning.

In the age of cloud computing, citizen media and social networking, so many organizations across the world are progressing with open source technologies. Whether it is using Linux, Ubuntu kind of software tools or Android kind of apps – the cool technologies are ever reliable like the licensed softwares of the past.  Empowering the likeminded developers, these techno tools are spreading furiously across the globe than ever before.

If you use the open source efficiently, you can build a reliable infrastructure and even create a magic out of nothing, says a group of whiz kids who are on the verge of creating one such ‘magic organization. They claim ‘this is the first of its kind learning portal based on social networking model’.

Created with the purpose of providing FREE service to the public and aptly named as, this website is built with open source software.  Taking shape in the midst of social media revolution, Connect Neurons poised to deliver unmatchable array of copyright free materials for the learners. You may be a toddler, kid, young or old; Connect Neurons has something for everyone to learn.  A Knowledge Sharing Portal as it is proudly calls itself; it is the necessity of digital age, where the integration of human mind is most important factor in your personal as well as professional life.

Exploiting the social networking in a meaningful way, Connect Neurons has so many surprise elements in its sleeve for the avid learners. It is the new age organization which recognizes the immense potential of ‘Learning’ through Cloud Computing.

It is an exclusive platform for learners / students to share & find good contents to enhance their knowledge. Connect Neurons invites students / learners to form interest based networking groups. All the freely available copyright materials and content created by the users are neatly categorized based on its subjects. So, it will be freely available to everyone on 24/7. It is the modern day digital archive of knowledge.

Be it competitive exam question papers, ancient classic literatures, mathematics, science, sport, music art & crafts – you name it, CN will have the relevant audio-visual and text based materials for you to learn. The idea is to create an ultimate learning portal for all age groups irrespective of their geographical location. Besides formal categories, CN also offers ‘How To’ kind of ‘informal’ materials on all the topics to cater the wider audiences.

So, stay connected with Connect Neurons to enrich your knowledge…

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