DevCamp Bangalore 2 @ ThoughtWorks

DevCamp is an un-conference by the hackers, for the hackers and of the hackers.

It’s a species of BarCamp where anything a lover of computers and technology would consider important or entertaining goes!

The only rule to keep in mind is the law of two feet: If at any time during our time together you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet. Go to some other place where you may learn and contribute.

Date: April 11th 2009
Time: 09:30am to 6:00pm
Venue: ThoughtWorks Bangalore

Well this is what the tells about this event and what i knew before going to event.But the event had much more to talk about , i hope the webpage will be updated by the organisers.

This edition of Devcamp had around 400 Registrations roughly.A very good number indeed.I took one of My friend with me for the same.I have been there for thoughtworks for quite a few events and this time too the environment Rocks…As usual the Event had its mark with the T-shirt sponsored by thoughtworks ( Cool one indeed ) .

As far as sessions are Concerned, there were quite a few and infact there were few free hours too.These are the one’s i attended.

1. Showcasing AJAX and HTTPS/SSL capabilities of Sahi (Web Testing Tool) by automating GMail by Narayan Raman

1st session of the day,really a cool interaction one .Narayan Raman talked about SAHI , a web testing tool and how it can be used ( demo on gmail automation and testing ). I also understood that he owns the company SAHI software ( ) . Well talking about SAHI , it is an automation and testing tool for web applications, with the facility to record and playback scripts. Sahi runs on any modern browser which supports javascript.

Developed in java and javascript, Sahi uses simple javascript to execute events on the browser.


  • in-browser controls
  • intelligent record and playback
  • Ability to add assertions (check points) for validation
  • text based programmable scripts with ability to parametrize variables, re-factor into functions and organize and include other scripts
  • ability to run scripts in batch mode for automated testing
  • good integration with build tools via ant tasks and command line
  • automatic html reporting with error logs
  • easily extensible via simple javascript functions to cater to highly dynamic websites
  • database, file read/write APIs for data driven testing
  • simultaneous execution of tests for reduced build time (multi threaded playback)
  • HTTP and HTTPS support
  • excellent AJAX support

Sahi runs as a proxy server and the browser needs to use the Sahi server as its proxy. Sahi then injects javascript so that it can access elements in the webpage. This makes the tool independent of the website/ web application/ browser.

2. Visualization on Code Metrics by Neal Ford

This was a session about various code metrics , Cyclomatic complexity and tools that supports it.

Tools that were discussed were Source Monitor,panopticode,graphviz,jar analysis,vizant,springviz,toxicity chart,code crawler,codecity and citylyzer .

3. Augmented Reality by Mrinal Wadhwa

During this session he made some live coding on how to use FLAR Toolkit using Action Script to add 3D objects to a webcam video in real-time. here’s a video recording of the application.

A really cool session especially for the Cow Animation one : -) .

4. Productive Programmer by Neal Ford

This session was surely one of the best not just for the contents but also the way the session was taken humourously.I also got to know that Neal Ford was the author of the book “productive programmer”.

Neal talked about how a programmer can be productive with few techniques like Acceleration,Focus,canonicality,DRY,automation and also about some sessions about .

There were even few other sessions also.You can get more info from

No matter what others think.These kind of events not just gives a good scope to learn and share knowledge but also network with the peers working in the IT Industry.Good work DevCamp Organisers 🙂

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