Done with Yahoo OpenHack India 2011 . Congrats Winners

At last, the Yahoo Open Hack India 2011 is over with two days of interesting activities which made the event awesome.

If you are still wondering what is this Yahoo Open Hack. Here’s a small description about the event.

Yahoo Open Hack is a premier Yahoo event that is held for 2 days which involves few sessions on the Yahoo API and 24 hours of hacking using Different API’s and SDK’s .

We did try an hack / App during this event but unfortunately we could not qualify for the final round 🙁 . But we learnt a lot though…

Our Hack Team “Hacker Hudugaru” which had Nitin , Me ( Senthil Kumar ) , Anil Pai , Hari Krishna tried the following App ( Face the Music ) using the Face API .

The application developed will capture the human emotion (facial expression) via the webcam and plays the music based on the emotion. The emotion can be happy, frustrated, sad, surprised, scary, dreamy etc.

Interestingly the App can also determine gender as well as determine if the person in the photo is wearing glasses…

The Yahoo Open Hack India 2011 attracted over 500 + attendees (Not sure of the exact figure) and also included 100 + Hacks that was submitted.

One thing that became part of the Yahoo OpenHackday or in fact it became a culture … wondering what?? It’s the Bean Bag … Most of the attendees were carrying the Beanbag throughout the day to make sure others don’t grab them :)…

Congrats to the winning teams and all the best to the teams who are travelling to New York ..

You can Find the list of Hacks from the below link

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