Free Controls from DevExpress

DevExpress is offering over 60 DevExpress controls free of charge without royalties or distribution costs .

This includes the free controls for WinForms , ASP.NET and Silverlight .The following DevExpress products are included .

  • WinForms Controls – the XtraEditors Library
  • ASP.NET Controls – the ASPxperience Suite
  • Silverlight Controls – AgDataGrid and AgMenu Suites

The WinForms controls include

  • Specialized Controls – Filter Editor , Tab Control ,
  • Data Editors – Button Editor  , Check Box   , Color Picker  , Combo Box , Dropdown Button  , Dropdown Calculator  , Dropdown Calendar , Dropdown Image  ,Dropdown Memo  , Font Picker  , Hyperlink Editor , Image Combo Box  ,Image  , Lookup Editor   ,Memo Editor
    MRU Editor ,Popup Container  ,Progress Bar  ,Radio Group   ,Range Track Bar ,Spin Editor ,Text Editor Time Editor  ,Track Bar  ,Zoom Track Bar
  • Multi-Use Utility Controls – Button  ,Check Button ,Checked List Box ,Control Navigator ,Data Navigator  ,Dropdown Button  ,Group Box ,Horizontal Scrollbar  ,Image ,List Box,Label   ,List Box,
    Marquee Progress Bar,Panel , Scrollable Control,Splitter Container  ,Splitter ,Vertical Scrollbar
  • Controllers and Repository Controls – Validation Provider , Editor Repository , Error Provider,
    Hint Controller ,Look and Feel , Style Controller .
  • Framework Controls – XtraForm  ,XtraMessageBox   ,XtraUserControl

ASP.NET Controls – the ASPxperience Suite  includes

  • Specialized Controls – Cloud , Data View , File Manager , Headline , Media Container , Menu , Navbar , News Control , Page Control , Pager , Panel , Popup Control ,
    Popup Menu , Rating Control, Round Panel , Site Map , Splitter Control , Tab Control , Title Index , Tree View , Upload Control .
  • Multi-Use Utility Controls – Callback Manager , Callback Panel , Hidden Field , Loading Panel .
  • Controllers and Repository Controls – Global Events , Site Map Data Source , Timer

Once you register , you will be sent a confirmation mail with intructions on how to access the softwares .

You can register and download your copy from DevExpress Website . Not sure how long this free offer is valid , so hurry up to download the controls .

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