Free Weather APIs for your Web and Mobile Applications

This blog post will list out some of the free weather APIs for the developers to build web and mobile applications.

There are times when the developers would want to create an app that displays the weather related information of a particular place. How do one get the weather information of a place? Well, there are few good API’s available which the developers can utilize to develop Weather based Web and Mobile Applications. Below are some of the popular and free weather APIs for your Web and Mobile Apps

Free Weather APIs for your Web and Mobile Applications

Free Weather APIs for your Web and Mobile Applications

World Weather Online API

World Weather Online provides the REST API method for the developers to access the weather conditions for places . Since it is a REST based API , it might be pretty easy to adapt in various platforms / devices and including various languages like C# , Java , PHP , VB etc.

The API can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

The API returns the data in the following formats

  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV format

The important information like temperature, rainfall, description, wind speed etc. are also returned.

One of the good features about World Weather Online API is the good documentation and easy to use API.

Know more about World Weather Online API here

Aeris Weather API

Aeris Weather API lets the developers to effortlessly integrate the weather information within your application. The Aeris Weather API is available in different versions like Developer , Basic , Plus , Premium , Enterprise etc with some restriction on the Developer(free) version.

The Aeris Weather API’s default output format is JSON and thus can be easily be used different applications. Aeris Weather API also comes with different mobile tool kits for different platforms like Android , iOS etc.

More info on Aeris Weather API can be found here

Forecast for Developers API

This API again uses the simple JSON interface and lets you integrate to your App with just few lines of code. The Forecast API allows the developers to query information about most locations on the globe, and returns certain weather related information.

The API provides the first thousand API calls in a day for free.

Know more about the Forecast for Developers API and pricing here

Weather Channel and Weather Underground’s Weather API

Another good Weather API which return the data in JSON or XML format. It also supports returning data in along with GIF, PNG or SWF. The API also comes with the autocomplete API that powers the geo search.

This API is again available in different versions like Developer (free) – with 500 calls per day, Drizzle, Shower, Downpour etc.

Know more about Weather Channel and Weather Underground’s Weather API here

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