GIDS – Day 1 Experience

Well, its time to share the day 1 experience of the Great Indian Developer Summit 2011 . This is
the 4th Edition of the Summit and just for the info, i have been part of the event in all 4 occassions .

As usual i got registered for the .NET , Web and the Workshops and somehow ignoring the Java sessions .

The GIDS would normally be held at Indian Institute of Science ( IISC ) Auditorium, Bangalore and it was held in the same venue this year too .

As Expected , i was late to the venue and missing out on the keynote but was able to catch up on an interesting session immediately after the keynote by Mark Miller .

Stepping into the Near Future of the IDE was the session by Mark which was very much interesting where Mark showed some demo of the IDE and how one would write code in the future .

How can a Musicians Program ?? He showed a demo of coding with the Guitar . Really interesting …

After the session , i had caught up with my old frinds during the event and the fun time started then with a short break .

I was expecting that i would not be awake during the next few sessions , but sadly Venkat subramaniam’s session kept me awake . His Sessions “Design Patterns for .NET Programmers” and “Caring about Code Quality” were too good as usual 🙂

Then some fun events started .

Here’s an interesting piece of answer from an audience when the host asked “What languages do you know ?” . The host meant the language to speak and the person asked “Programming languages ?”… Everyone laughed …

Then we were at lunch and followed by sessions on “.NET Collections Deep Dive” by Gary and JavaScript for the c# Developer by Julian M BuckNail and The Science of Great UI by Mark Miller .

I did learn some things which i did not know about the .NET Collections until now .

It was indeed a good learning experience for me .

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