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The Great Indian Developer Summit an independent summit for Software Developers in India is back with its 2nd Edition this April.The discussions at the summit have traditionally been highly technical focussing on Topics related to .NET , Java, Rich Web Applications etc.Around 3000 software professionals were present in the last Edition ( Not sure of the numbers but was in great numbers).the 2008 Edition was held @ Indian institute of Science.

Last year was amazing as there was some Big personalities especially the opportuniry i hade to meet Jesse James Garette ( who coined the term AJAX) and intercted with him and some other Favourites like Todd Anglin,Venkat Subramanium.

Just because of these i was tempted to register for this Year’s Edition also.

This Year GID 2009 will be held on April 22-25 in Bangalore and Saltmarch Media has to be appreciated for conducting such an Event.

These are the brief schedule .

  • GIDS.NET CONFERENCE (April 22 2009)
  • GIDS.WEB CONFERENCE (April 23 2009)
  • GIDS.JAVA CONFERENCE (April 24 2009)
  • WorkShop on the above Technologies (April 25t 2009)

The Topics Details as per the GIDS Website are


  • The Daily Scrum – Stephen Forte
  • Building RESTful Applications with Microsoft Tools – Stephen Forte
  • T-SQL: Tips and Tricks Sharing Fest! 2009 Edition – Stephen Forte
  • Building Applications Using WCF – Prabhu Sunderraman
  • Architecture: Dude, where’s my business logic? – Chad Hower
  • Architecture: Localization – Going Beyond Translation – Chad Hower
  • .NET: Cosmos – Running .NET without Windows – Chad Hower
  • .NET: ADO.NET Entity Framework – Chad Hower
  • Modern Data Applications on the Web – Mike Benkovich
  • Building Rich User Experiences with Silverlight – Mike Benkovich
  • Developing SharePoint Web Parts – Mike Benkovich
  • Demofest: Linq to Amazon to Silverlight to Web Part to SharePoint – Mike Benkovich
  • Aspect Oriented Programming and Cross-Cutting Concerns – Donald Belcham
  • Visual Studio and C# vNext – Donald Belcham
  • A (Failed?) Project From the Perspective of a Team Lead – Donald Belcham
  • What’s New in C# 4.0 – Stephen Forte
  • Get Ready for ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 – Kevin Babcock
  • LINQ to Everything! – Kevin Babcock
  • Software + Services: The convergence of SaaS, SOA and Web 2.0 – Beat Schwegler
  • Introduction to Windows Azure and the Azure Service Platform – Beat Schwegler
  • Enterprise 2.0 & Enterprise Search – Beat Schwegler
  • Building Silverlight Controls – Nikhil Kothari
  • Building Business Applications with Silverlight and ASP.NET – Nikhil Kothari
  • Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC – Todd Anglin
  • ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, and the Future of Web Development – Todd Anglin


  • Re-architecting the Web with HTML 5 Communication – Jonas Jacobi
  • 21st Century RIAs: Using HTML 5 Communication – Jonas Jacobi
  • Agile Web Development with Grails – Venkat Subramaniam
  • A Two-Pronged Approach to Debugging AJAX – Venkat Subramaniam
  • What If the Web Were a Database? – Jon Aizen,Eran Shir
  • Functional Mashups: Building Desktop Applications in Plug-n-Play Fashion – Jon Aizen,Eran Shir


  • Guerrilla SOA – Dr. Jim Webber
  • Introducing REST: The Starbucks Example – Dr. Jim Webber
  • Know your Java? – Venkat Subramaniam
  • Programming Groovy – Venkat Subramaniam
  • Building Web Services Using Spring – Prabhu Sunderraman
  • Struts 2.0 Deep Dive – Prabhu Sunderraman
  • Computing in the Cloud – Craig McClanahan
  • RESTful? What’s a RESTful? – Craig McClanahan
  • Building RESTful Applications with JAX-RS – Craig McClanahan
  • Taming Wild Entities – Tuning performance of JPA Applications – Debu Panda
  • Diagnosing Production Java Applications – Debu Panda
  • Building RESTful Applications with Ruby on Rails – Craig McClanahan
  • Maven 2 at Work: Building & Deploying an Application – Tom Marrs
  • Apache Utilities at Work: Don’t Re-invent the Wheel – Tom Marrs
  • Web Services at Work – Part I: Design and Deploy Web Services – Tom Marrs
  • Web Services at Work – Part II: Developing Web Service Clients – Tom Marrs
  • Introduction to JRuby – Ola Bini
  • Testing Java with Ruby – Ola Bini
  • Tapestry 5 Inversion of Control – Howard Lewis Ship
  • Clojure: Concurrent Functional Programming for the JVM – Howard Lewis Ship
  • Getting Started with Apache Tapestry 5 – Howard Lewis Ship

The Events gives a good opportunity for the Developers to interact with the peers and discuss with the top professionals around the globe.

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