Hike Messenger Reinvents for Multi-Lingual India

hike messenger, India’s first homegrown and fastest growing* messaging platform, will pave the way to get India online with the launch of its app in eight vernacular languages viz. Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu, on 23rd December 2015.

This launch means that people and communities across the length and breadth of India can now be in touch with their family, friends and contacts in their own native languages, defying the English language barrier, erstwhile felt in messaging apps.

This launch, available immediately on Android phones, encompasses the following features:

  • Multi-lingual interface; which means, from the moment you open the app, you can choose the language of your app. Thus your full app experience is in your native language!
  • Multi-lingual keyboard allows you type in up to 9 languages (including English). It also offers glide functionality at the bottom of the chat panel that lets you swap between the languages with ease, thus upping the fun in chatting. For a bi-lingual or multi-lingual chat experience, this is a wonderful addition!
  • The keyboard comes packed with predictive text technology that works on artificial intelligence and gives you a wide array of relevant words in your native language as you type, thus helping you save time and express better.
  • One expresses one’s emotions best in one’s native language. Hike’s immensely addictive stickers are also available in all these languages and help you express yourself in your native language!

Commenting on the launch, Kavin Bharti Mittal, CEO & Founder, hike messenger said, “Today, we’re excited to launch hike in 8 local languages. For the first time ever millions of Indians will be able to seamlessly chat in their local languages only on hike. Every single hiker will now be able to choose a local language and also with it, see a special keyboard that they can use built specifically for that language. One cannot build for India without understanding the enormous diversity in the country. This is another big step towards catering to that diversity to bring India online.”

To use hike messenger in your native language

When you download hike messenger or update it, you will see a dialogue that will allow you to choose your language.

To use keyboards, select the “3-dot menu”, tap “settings” and open “language and input”. Enable hike keyboard and select as many languages as you desire.

Use your native language to type, or use glide functionality at the bottom of the chat panel to swap between all the languages you want to type in!

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