How to Create a Simple Drop Down list in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Creating or adding a dropdownlist in Microsoft Excel is something that most people do when using using Excel specially when creating an data entry sheet.

A drop down list enables the user to select the value from the predefined list instead of user typing them.

How to Create a Simple Drop Down list in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Creating a Drop Down list in Microsoft Excel is very simple and you can do that by following the below steps

When a drop down list is created, the user can enter the data by selecting it. In this blog post, I will show you how you can create a Simple Drop Down list in Microsoft Excel 2013 where the list of data to be populated comes from the same worksheet.

1. Open Microsoft Excel 2013 CP and create a new Excel Workbook.

2. To prepare the list of data to be populated in the Drop Down list, lets add the below data to the corresponding cells

A1 – Senthil Kumar

A2 – Senthil

A3 – Kumar

A4 – isenthil

A5 – Senthil Kumar B

3. Select the Cell where you want the drop down list to appear.

4. Navigate to the Data Tab -> Data Validation Menu and click “Data Validation” option from the dropdown.

5. In the Data Validation Dialog -> Settings Tab, select “List” from the Allow option and then enter the following data in the source textbox and click OK.


6. Now, you should see the drop down list on the selected cell.

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