Codelobster PHP IDE – How to Install and Activate Codelobster PHP IDE ?

In my previous post , i wrote about the Codelobster PHP IDE and its features .

In this blog post , i will provide a step by step procedure for installing the same .

To be frank , its very simple to install Codelobster PHP and with just few clicks you are ready to use the Codelobster PHP IDE .

How to Install and Activate Codelobster PHP IDE ?

1. Download the Codelobster PHP IDE from my previous post and click the setup file to start the installation.

2. Accept the license Agreement and click Next .

3. Select the path where the IDE should be installed

4. Select the Start Menu folder or enable or disable the shortcuts


5. Select the necessary file types to be supported or opened when double clicked on them in the file explorer . By Default (.html and .htm ) files are unchecked .

6. Select the Version Portability . Keep the Default as standard and click Next

7. Select the Theme or Skin that you wish to Apply for the Codelobster PHP IDE

8. Select the Plugins to be used for the Codelobster PHP IDE . Note that you might require Professional Version to use few of them

9. Click Finish Button with the option “Run Codelobster PHP Edition” enabled . This will start the codeLobster PHP Edition.

10. You need to enter the code provided by the CodeLobster to activate and use it . Just click Get Free Code to receive one for the Free edition and later enter the key and the name in the Register Window .


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