How to make your Windows Mobile 6 looks like Windows Phone 7 ?

With the successful launch of the Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 , most of the Windows Mobile 6/6.1 users might be thinking of upgrading or may be going for the new Windows Phone 7 Handsets .

I currently own Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 and am planning to go for WP7 in the near future . i am still looking for Dell Venue Pro or LG Optimus 7 model which is yet to be launched here in India .

With this being my state , i have found out some nice themes for my Windows Mobile that can atleast make it look like Windows Phone 7 .

The Theme designed by Fireslave for ThrottleLauncher is the one i am targetting in this post .

The ThrottleLauncher is an Application for Windows Mobilethat helps you to customize your Windows Mobile with new themes.

The Theme looks exactly like the Windows Phone 7 making the people around me believe that i own the WP7 🙂

You can move around the tiles and create one if needed too ..

You may be prompted to install the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 when trying to run the Application and if the framework is not installed .

Here are the steps you need to follow to do it .

  • Download ThrottleLauncher , copy the cab file to the device and install it .
  • Download the Windows Phone 7 2.0 theme .
  • Extract the “Windows Phone 7_2” folder from the theme downloaded and copy it to the “Program Files/ThrottleLauncher/Setups” directory  on your device .
  • Copy the font “Segoe UI Light”. This is usually found inside WindowsPhone7_2 folder and copy it to “/Windows/Fonts/”
  • Run ThrottleConfig and select the Windows Phone 7 theme  and save the settings .
  • Now run the ThrottleLauncher Application.
  • Wth in some minutes , you should see your start screen turning up to the look of Windows Phone 7 .

This is how many samsung omnia pro B7610 looks like Windows Phone 7 .

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