Install Windows Phone 7 Apps on Phone from unsupported Marketplace countries

Just a week back , i got my new Windows Phone 7 ( HTC Mozart 7 ) to get a feel of how the new Windows Phone 7 OS looks .

The Phone looks amazing than my old WM 6 but yet looked like an empty box for a week . The Reason for this was lack of Market Place support currently in India to install the App ,

I was unable to install the apps and ended up getting the following error message.

“marketplace is not yet available in your country/region”

But that was just until today when i got a little hack information from one of my colleague ( Ananda ) to  install the Apps for Windows Phone 7 in india with the Registry changes .

You know what , now my Windows Phone 7 atleast has some Applications installed that includes

  • Adobe Reader
  • List it Do it
  • Live Cricket
  • Twitter App
  • Hockey
  • Robot Strike
  • Manager Deportivc

I will post about the Apps in the later posts  , but before that let me explains the steps that i followed to get it work .

1. You require the Zune Player to Install Apps from Market place . Zune software can be downloaded here.

2. Open the Registry Editor ( Type Regedit in the serachbox from Windows Start Button and click enter ) and navigate to the key where the Zune entries are added .

You should find them in the following  path


You should be able to see the below values when you double click the MarketPlace / Apps / SignAvailable


Just include ,IN at the end in all the 3 dialogs ( MarketPlace / Apps / SignAvailable) . So each of them looks like


Now try connect the Windows Phone 7 to your PC . The zune player should start automatically and the following message will be displayed .

Now , you should be able to see the Market place in your zune ,start browsing the apps and install them …

Note that everytime before you connect the Windows Phone 7 , you need to change the Registry entry and make sure you have your Windows Live ID 🙂

There is an App from TheWindowsClub called WP7 Marketplace enabler which allows you to access the Amarketplace anywhere easily .

All that you have to do is download the WP7 Marketplace enabler here and start the exe . Select the country from the drop downlist and click ok to see the following Message .

Just connect your Phone to PC and click Ok to see the Market place in the Zune . 🙂

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